In this webinar, experts from Kivuto offer practical advice for academic IT teams to help manage today's "new normal" and the foreseeable hybrid ecosystem for next term. You will also hear from Eastern Michigan University’s Aric Kirkland on his institution’s experiences transitioning to remote education and navigating this new normal.

Webinar Overview

It is reassuring to see how rapidly the education industry has mobilized remote learning in response to campus closures during the COVID-19 crisis. The emergency response to the pandemic has transformed the landscape of higher learning in only a few weeks.

For academic leaders, the next challenge is addressing business continuity as we move into a recovery phase and adapt to the new normal. Increased reliance on digital learning resources brings new considerations and priorities for academic IT teams, such as a greater focus on cost-optimization and digital security.

Watch the webinar to:

  • Learn about the current state of digital-resource management in the education industry and how it has impacted schools that have closed their campuses due to COVID-19
  • Identify solutions for today’s new normal that will help academic IT teams securely manage and distribute digital resources to stakeholders both on and off campus
  • Get practical advice on how to face rising academic IT challenges caused by COVID-19, including issues related to cost optimization, security, compliance, and licensing

Watch the Webinar


Libby Robinson

Libby Robinson
Director of Product Management & Marketing

Florian Schubert

Florian Schubert
Lead Sales Engineer

Aric Kirkland

Arik Kirkland
Director of Desktop & Classroom Technology
Eastern Michigan University