During this difficult time, Kivuto is here to support all models of education.

Whatever Next Semester Looks Like, Kivuto is Here to Help

COVID-19 has triggered a global re-think of what the future of education will look like. Some institutions will reopen their campuses next semester. Some will keep classes online for the time being. Others are planning a hybrid model, mixing remote and on-campus education.

No matter what approach your institution has planned – or however your plan may change in the future – Kivuto can help. The Kivuto Cloud platform facilitates the management and distribution of academic software, eTextbooks, and other digital resources both on and off campus. Whether you’re returning to in-person education, keeping courses online, or adopting a hybrid approach, Kivuto Cloud can help you equip students and educators with the resources they need.

  • Manage campus software. Kivuto Cloud streamlines the management and deployment of lab-use licenses to support on-campus learning.
  • Offer at-home access. Kivuto Cloud supports remote education by making it easy for schools to distribute home-use licenses and for students and educators to access course software from home.
  • Save IT resources. Kivuto Cloud automates the distribution of digital resources and includes full end-user support, freeing up IT resources for more important work.
  • Enforce compliance. Kivuto Cloud gives IT the tools to ensure compliance with licensing terms and conditions, even for software installed on off-campus devices.
  • Optimize costs. Kivuto Cloud supports secure e-commerce to help schools recover costs and provides reports on product adoption that can increase schools’ purchasing power.

Reach out to us today and let us know how we can help you.