Kivuto is offering Kivuto Cloud to facilitate the automated management and support for Adobe’s temporary at-home access benefit at no cost until July 31.

Helping Students Access Adobe Creative Cloud At Home for Free

With many schools facing campus closures and moving to online learning due to COVID-19, Adobe is giving remote access to Adobe Creative Cloud to schools and colleges who currently have only lab access for students, at no additional cost. 

In support of Adobe's program, Kivuto is offering Kivuto Cloud at no cost to facilitate the automated management and end-user support for Adobe's temporary at-home access benefit through the duration of the program.

  • Kivuto Cloud will automatically add users to your Adobe Admin Console using Federated IDs and your school’s SAML-based authentication system with no manual uploads or ongoing intervention from administrators.
  • Eligible users can self-serve access and individually authenticate using their school credentials to access Adobe Creative Cloud and install it locally on their machine.
  • Kivuto will provide end-user support related to authentication and accessing the offer.
  • Kivuto Cloud is compliant with data policies that prohibit bulk uploading of user data into Adobe’s (or any third party’s) console without users' explicit consent. Users are added at the time they request access in Kivuto Cloud.
  • Users are shown and prompted to accept product terms and conditions while accessing the offer to ensure compliance and prevent surprises at the end of the program.
  • Kivuto will also provision users automatically for Adobe Spark to complement their Creative Cloud access.
  • This offer is available to new and existing Kivuto Cloud customers with no commitment required. Schools will have the option to purchase Kivuto Cloud if they wish to continue using it when the program ends.

For more information on our Kivuto Cloud solution: