Survey results reveal complex challenges for academic IT. Read our full 15-page report to find out how today's new era of learning with a myriad of digital resources is impacting higher-ed academic IT teams.

The Challenges of Managing and Distributing Digital Resources

2020 Survey Results Reveal Complex Challenges for Academic IT

Kivuto is pleased to present the results of our new academic IT study conducted in partnership with University Business. For this inaugural research, we surveyed nearly 200 technology leaders from universities and colleges in the United States on the challenges and complexities of managing and distributing academic digital resources in this time of digital transformation.

Access the full report to get a better understanding of the state of digital resource management in the education industry today. In the report you'll get answers to these compelling questions and insights on what the impact may be to higher-ed institutions.

  • How are digital licenses and entitlements being managed on campuses?
  • What are the frustrations involved in managing digital resources, and what would it take to over come them?
  • How prepared are school IT teams in dealing with security, compliance, and cloud licensing models?